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Powering our digital future with renewable energy

Whether you want us to provide you with green energy, or you want to expand your operations to one of our locations in Norway, we can help you on your journey.

The data center industry is currently one of the fastest growing and most critical industries in the world, as the amount of data being generated is expected to increase at a rapid rate. This will lead to higher demand for reliable operations, stable grid and fibre interconnection – and it all needs to be powered by green energy.

As the focus on sustainability, reduced carbon footprints and circular economy increases, so does the need for energy from renewable sources.  

As Europe's largest producer of renewable energy, Statkraft does not only offer green power from solar, wind and flexible hydropower, we also provide greenfield sites in Norway for power intensive operations in need of a greener footprint. This work is a continuation of Statkraft’s more than 125 years legacy as a facilitating partner with power intensive industry. 

Expand your operations to Norway:

We develop shovel-ready sites for data centres, reducing the enterprise’s risk, timeline, and cost uncertainty. Our team consisting of experienced site- and project developers, project and utility managers and business developers, contributes to acquire the necessary approvals and licenses.

Our 125-year history as developer and operator of electricity power projects makes our organization well suited to minimize both timeline and cost for high voltage grid solutions. In addition, we offer support with further services and post sales activities.


Statkraft facilitates for Google

Renewable energy supply with PPAs:

A power purchasing agreement (PPA) is a contract between an energy seller and a buyer. Statkraft takes on time, volume, price and credit risks for you. We reduce complexity and risk and thus facilitate rapid and impactful actions in the market.

The actual structure of the contract depends on market regulations as well as your specific needs. We work hand in hand with your energy procurements and CSR department to find solutions that match your goals.


Partners for the green shift – Neste and Statkraft on their PPA

24/7 demand-based energy supply:

When it comes to green energy around the clock, Statkraft is a pioneer and market leader in Europe: our portfolio of flexible and intermittent renewable power plants allows us to supply you with renewable energy – based precisely on your demand. 

The concept can support the build-out of new solar and wind projects, actively helping to decarbonise the grid. It enables you to deliver on your high ambitions of moving towards and beyond 100 per cent renewable energy. Thanks to the certified link between production and consumption in real-time, 24/7 solutions offer the highest form of credibility in the market.

Statkraft and Mercedes-Benz – 100% renewable energy

Energy certificates and emission reductions:

Thanks to Statkraft’s variety of power plants generating renewable energy and our market operations across Europe, we can offer customized solutions that will enable you to achieve your climate goals.

We offer various energy attribute certificates such as Guarantees of Origins and I-RECs.

We accelerate the transition to renewable energy while providing our expertise to help reduce carbon emissions through global environmental markets.

Statkraft enables Vodafone to cut emissions

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Camila Medina
Senior Commercial Advisor
Atle Haga
Head Commercial Advisor
Eivind Anders Sørlie
Senior Commercial Advisor